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Returned & Warranty

Returned & Warranty:

a. All parts must be examined by the customer upon receipt of shipment. Reports must be made within 7 days to our sales representative if there are any discrepancies with the order.

b. Short shipment of parts shall be reported to our sales representative within 7 days upon receipt and will be shipped out on the following orders or amount will be credited if stock is not available at point of shipment.

c. All parts returned must be in the original conditions and shipping charges on original orders are non-refundable.

d. Warranty on parts is base on lot basis, only batch defective parts are subject to return. Individual part return are subject to final check and verification by our technician base on the improper handling /static charges / alteration which are not cover under this warranty and we shall not be responsible for the time lost on equipment damage and uses.

e. All solid state parts have been tested and certified by manufacturer. We therefore will not replace or credit on parts that has been soldered into the circuit or misused.